Media and Advertising

Scope3 is the source of truth for supply chain emissions data, helping companies factor carbon emissions into every business decision.

Good Decisions Require Good Data

Scope3 is the only company to measure end-to-end emissions from across the media and advertising supply chain.

Organizations across every segment of the industry, from buyers to sellers, can now make data-driven decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Measurement made easy. Work with our partners for carbon footprint calculations.

Decarbonize with Green Media Products

Green Media Products (GMPs), powered by Scope3, are the fastest and easiest way to make a measurable impact on the carbon footprint of the advertising industry. GMPs are carbon-neutral media measured by Scope3 and price carbon into decisions to incentivize reduced emissions.

Measure Carbon Footprint

Brands and agencies make progress towards net zero by allocating spend to GMPs

Shift Budget to Green Media

Scope3 provides the measurement for the emissions associated with advertising campaigns.

Compensate for Emissions

Publishers and sellers contribute to Scope3's portfolio of high-quality carbon removal projects.

Scope3 Methodology

Foundational to Scope3's solutions is a unique and powerful methodology that delivers accurate, trustworthy and end-to-end data model of digital supply chain emissions.

The robust and detailed model of website and ad delivery emissions draws from the full complement of data of sources, both private and public, and is augmented by machine learning and computational modeling.