Decarbonizing Media and Advertising

Scope3 is the source of truth for supply chain emissions data, helping companies factor carbon emissions into every business decision.

Pathways to a low-carbon future

Scope3 powers sustainable advertising decisions

A low-carbon advertising economy requires pathways and actions that accelerate change.


Emissions data is becoming an additional campaign metric alongside other performance metrics for the media and advertising industry. Making progress to decarbonize relies on our ability to know how much CO2e actually goes into the atmosphere from digital advertising.


While robust and accurate emissions data is foundational to sustainable advertising, it is ultimately the actions that are taken with it that will drive change.

Media owners and sellers should measure and understand their own footprint and assess opportunities to reduce emissions and media buyers should incentivize this change with their spend.

Scope3's solutions are designed to drive systemic reduction of carbon emissions from advertising and create a more sustainable ad ecosystem.

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A vibrant ecosystem of
sustainability-driven partners

Scope3's featured partners help customers advance their sustainability efforts.

A granular, end-to-end emissions model of the media and advertising supply chain.

Scope3 has built an open-source methodology that powers a robust, detailed emissions model that produces an estimation of the carbon footprint of each ad impression across digital channels.

Specific and granular data delivers visibility into the biggest sources of emissions and waste.

The maturity and granularity of our model provides detailed per-channel, per-country emissions visibility, providing a stake in the ground for driving industry-wide reduction.

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Introducing Climate Shield

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Join this Scope3 live webinar for a deep-dive into the data behind the industry’s most comprehensive guide on sustainability and emissions in digital advertising.

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