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Careers Compounded: How Scope3’s Newest Hires are Stacking Industry Expertise and Experience with a Passion for Sustainability

According to Pew Research Center, 80% of global citizens are willing to change how they live and work at least some to combat the effects of global warming.

For most, this willingness takes the form of important lifestyle changes, including decreased energy usage, better recycling habits or the elimination of single use plastics.

Others may advocate for more sustainable business practices where they work, or support organizations that champion reducing the world’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Others are so inspired that they seek to dedicate their careers to making a direct impact on the planet and the people around them. When the pull to combine unique and hard won experience and expertise with a passion for environmental causes strikes, great things can happen.

When Scope3’s founders began exploring solutions to decarbonize media and advertising, they knew advanced knowledge of the digital supply chain would be needed. They also knew the company’s mission could only be achieved by attracting people who are passionate about inspiring the industry to act.

Passion Stacking

Let’s face it. It’s hard to follow climate news and not feel compelled to get out there are do something to make the world a better place.

Today, we’re excited to welcome the latest members to the Scope3 team who have answered that call. Like the company’s founders and earliest team members, they bring a deep understanding of and passion for the media and advertising space coupled with a strong desire to affect climate change and create a more sustainable internet.  

Scope3’s newest faces represent a growing trend amongst people that are motivated to do more for the planet without changing careers: stacking the networks, trust and expertise that they have built over their careers with their desire to build a bridge to an emissions-free future. 

Meet the newest Scopethreeps:

Joey Leichman joins Scope3 as head of buyer development. He comes to Scope3 after nearly 7 years at OpenX, where he served in a global leadership position on the Buyer Development team and owned its most senior agency, brand and marketer relationships. Leichman began his career on the buy-side, with stints at WPP and Publicis agencies working across programmatic, IO-bought digital, paid search and other channels.

“There may be no more pressing issue today than rapidly and meaningfully reducing carbon emissions,” says Leichman.“I am thrilled to join Scope3 at this critical moment for our industry and the planet. The founders have a proven track record of scaling companies and achieving widespread adoption, and we are uniquely positioned to deliver a differentiated product that sits at the nexus of environmental sustainability and ad tech. I look forward to working with my talented colleagues and our industry partners to decarbonize media and advertising.”


Niki Banerjee recently joined Scope3 as head of customer success, JAPAC. Niki was most recently market development director for Xandr where he was in charge of the development and commercialisation of Xandr's marketplace solutions for media buyers in Australia and New Zealand.

“It’s estimated that the internet is responsible for 2-4% of carbon emissions on the planet and advertising, as its commercial engine, has a big role to play. As an industry, we must act now and do our part to help,” commented Banerjee.


Lillie Ratliff joins Scope3 as head of customer success, North America, having previously held senior operations and customer success positions at Paxos, WarnerMedia and Xandr.

Lillie is a thoughtful, energetic leader with experience building teams and client support offerings in emerging technologies. She most recently led Customer Success Management at a financial technology company, Paxos. Prior to that, Lillie worked in the advertising technology space developing and supporting marketplace products. 


From lake swims in rural Alabama to sea kayaking in Alaska, Lillie is passionate about preserving and protecting the environment that has given her cherished memories and experiences.


In speaking about her decision to join, Lillie said, “This may sound cheesy, but working with incredible people to build a business that delivers meaningful impact to the environment- what more could you ask for."

As Scope3 grows, we're hearing from more people seeking to link their careers in advertising and media to sustainability. It’s not the path for everyone. But for those that are ready to make the commitment, there's never been a better time.

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