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Introducing Scope3: the source of truth for supply chain emissions data

Today, we are excited to launch Scope3. We founded Scope3 as a Public Benefit Corporation because the desire to do better (and build better) is what unifies and motivates us. Our founding team is Andrew Sweeney, Anne Coghlan, Brian O’Kelley, Emma Etherington, Holly Peck, and Mike Freyberger.

Good data enable good decisions. We are building the most comprehensive data set for supply chain emissions to help companies factor emissions into every business decision. In doing so, we decarbonize the global economy, thus reducing the negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions on society, people, communities, and our planet.

Why Scope3?

Now, investors, customers, and employees expect businesses to report on their environmental impact. Many top-performing companies and brands have made public net zero commitments – but there is no net zero without eliminating scope 3 emissions. Scope 3 emissions are inherited, indirect carbon emissions, and represent up to 99% of a business’ carbon footprint.

Companies intent on upholding climate goals need granular scope 3 data to make well-informed purchasing, procurement, and investment decisions. Yet carbon-aware decisions can’t be made without an accurate model of their supply chain, a deep understanding of the relationship between vendors and suppliers, and participation from a large portion of the ecosystem.

The first ecosystem we are tackling is advertising: a $700B industry that has been overlooked as a significant source of supply chain emissions.

First things first: decarbonize digital advertising

We are partnering with leading companies in digital media – brands, agencies, publishers, trading desks, technology companies – to measure and reduce the impact of their properties and ad spend. Scope 3 data will help our customers become carbon-aware, unlock differentiated positioning, activate employees and shareholders, and enable purpose-driven profit.

We admire those furthering research and corporate action on sustainability. We are excited to add our voice to this conversation and build a unique solution for digital advertising. If successful, we will enable a decarbonized internet, more impactful products and businesses, and a better world.

We are grateful to our investors, Rucker Park Capital, Craft, and Venrock, for supporting our vision with a $20MM seed financing. We thank Marissa Campise (Rucker Park Capital) and Mike Tyrrell (Venrock) who will join the Scope3 Board, continue to ask tough questions, and hold us accountable.

Today is an exciting day for us and we are just getting started. We invite you to follow our journey – and join our movement – as we decarbonize our ad-supported internet.

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