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We are building the most comprehensive data set for supply chain emissions to help companies factor emissions into every business decision.

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“I’ve been doing digital marketing for 20 years and I've never thought about sustainability. I thought digital was better for the planet.”
CMO of a large DTC brand

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Accurately modeling a supply chain requires both deep understanding of the relationships between companies and participation from a large portion of the ecosystem. Participating companies contribute operational data, which Scope3 validates and enhances using publicly-available sources.

Scope3 produces a model of the core inputs and outputs for each product and service in the supply chain, enabling aggregation of emissions data and scenario modeling of potential changes.

Unlike traditional sustainability reports, Scope3 updates its data monthly, allowing companies to quickly respond to exogenous changes and get credit for investments in reducing their carbon footprint


Sustainable Advertising

The first ecosystem we are modeling is advertising, a $700B industry that has to date been overlooked as a source of significant supply chain emissions.

Tech companies

Scope3 helps technology companies understand and reduce their environmental impact. Scope3 emissions data also can power new products and features that build emissions into reporting, targeting, and decisioning.

Brands & advertisers

Digital advertising channels vary widely in their carbon footprint. You can have a significant positive impact by making carbon-aware decisions about where to advertise.

Trading desks

Sustainable advertising is an opportunity to increase revenue and differentiate in a cluttered marketplace. Scope3 helps optimize campaigns and power new media products to minimize the carbon footprint of digital advertising spend.


We are partnering with publishers to accurately measure emissions across layouts, formats, regions, vendors, and devices. These granular measurements help identify opportunities to reduce carbon footprint and ensure that brands are getting a full picture of the publisher's footprint.

Activating impact

We envision a world where businesses give more than they take. We're a driven group of entrepreneurs, technologists, and storytellers deeply committed to designing sustainble systems. We are proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation and part of the movement toward social and environmental impact.

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