Sustainable Advertising

“I’ve been doing digital marketing for 20 years and I've never thought about sustainability. I thought digital was better for the planet.” – CMO of a large DTC brand
Digital advertising has a meaningful carbon footprint, largely from the electricity used by the millions of servers that provide search results, news feeds, multiplayer games, real-time bidding, machine learning, and the myriad other functions of the internet we use every day. This carbon footprint varies widely across platforms and publishers, formats and channels, by geography and vendor.

Scope3 provides an accurate, comprehensive, and independent model of the emissions of every company in the digital advertising ecosystem. We build this model by gathering data from as many of the participants in the supply chain as possible.

For publishers, we start with public data (primarily sustainability reports), then enhance with data from various sources (employee counts from LinkedIn, ad calls from web scrapers, ad tech vendors from ads.txt and sellers.json). We then survey companies to confirm what we know and to get more detail on their server-side configuration.

For tech companies, we go deeper, partnering with tech and product leaders to walk through the lifecycle of an ad call and the underlying technical infrastructure, pulling in reports from cloud and datacenter providers to get accurate energy and emissions data.

Our data has multiple applications for companies in the digital advertising space:

Brands and Advertisers

Digital advertising channels vary widely in their carbon footprint. You can have a significant positive impact by making carbon-aware decisions about where to advertise.
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We are partnering with publishers to accurately measure emissions across layouts, formats, regions, vendors, and devices. These granular measurements help identify opportunities to reduce carbon footprint and ensure that brands are getting a full picture of the publisher's footprint.
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Technology Companies

Scope3 helps technology companies understand and reduce their environmental impact. Scope3 emissions data also can power new products and features that build emissions into reporting, targeting, and decisioning.
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Trading Desks

Sustainable advertising is an opportunity to increase revenue and differentiate in a cluttered marketplace. Scope3 helps optimize campaigns and power new media products to minimize the carbon footprint of digital advertising spend.
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